‘Daylliance is a combination of the words ‘dalliance’ (a definition for a little love affair) and ‘day‘. We believe that you should try to start every day with the love for life. Do it with passion or not at all.’

Unique but affordable fashion is hard to find. Fast fashion retailers make fashion accessible to everyone nowadays but when you want to score a unique item, you have to pay a high price. Not anymore! Daylliance offers unique and affordable fashion. Each item is designed with lots of love and creativity, produced in low quantities and exclusively available in our webshop.

Daylliance does not create collections, but individual items. Because of our short production chain, we can spot trends and get them in our webshop in the blink of an eye. Each item can be mixed and matched with other Daylliance items, because all items have a signature Daylliance look. With our items we want to encourage you to feel confident, gorgeous and unique. Because when a woman is wearing the right clothes, she can conquer the world.

About Daylliance

Sanne Knopper and Milou Knierim founded Daylliance in 2015 during their last year of Law School. Sanne and Milou shared the frustration of wanting to look unique, but not having the budget to buy clothes from exclusive brands. That’s why they decided to make their own clothes and they started sueing and selling these selfmade items. The demand exploded and Daylliance grew, so they went looking for a manufacturer abroad. Now all items are designed in Amsterdam and produced in Turkey. Sanne and Milou try to maintain the costs as low as possible, by using their creativity, to offer you the best prices for the unique items they make.


Fashion Business

Sanne Knopper

Fashion Business

Milou Knierim