Manchester United manager confirms that the start of the new season

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Manchester United manager confirms that the start of the new season is not bad – complains that Pao Bao is blindsided.

Eric ten Hag, manager of Manchester United, confirmed that the result of 2 wins, 2 losses was not a disappointing start. When you still see many positive points Including some decisions that don’t go our way.

Despite losing 2 out of the first 4 games, Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag insists.

That he has a strong voice. Not a disappointing start at all. When still seeing many positive points, including the timing of the referee’s decision that did not go the way of Manchester United as well.

From what some well-informed people think. After seizing 3rd place last season, Manchester United will be able to improve to the point of seriously competing for the championship. But when actually putting it into practice, it still doesn’t produce very good results. Starting from beating Wolves 1-0, losing to Spurs 0-2, overtaking Forest 3-2 after being two points ahead and losing to Arsenal 1-3.

The resulting score made Manchester United only stand 11th in the table. During the same period, former champions Manchester City also showed the highest standards, winning 4 games in a row.

However, Ten Hag said his team had not had a bad start to the season. and there are complicating factors like Pao’s verdict For example. When he does not blow a penalty for his team in a game against Spurs or catches offside Alejandro Carnacho at the Emirates Stadium

“You always want more, but the first game [1-0 Wolves] was not our game. We need more luck than this.”

“Then in the game against Spurs, including today, it had to be a penalty. I saw a good pattern. and see our progress Now it’s time for the national team break. and we will continue to work together.”

“We have to evolve. That is most definitely But you probably saw and from what we saw last year We can beat every opponent.”

“Many games are very close. And we have a chance to win this game (against Arsenal) if Carnacho’s shot is blown into goal. We should win.” Report from ทางเข้า ufabet