The form of betting on the Dragon Tiger card.

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Dragon Tiger card is another popular betting card game on the online gambling website. Because of the form of the game that is simple, straightforward, takes time to decide the betting results quickly. Causing both novice or seasoned gamblers to choose to play Dragon Tiger cards to make money from casino sites.

Stab the side of the dragon.

Betting on the dragon side or the red side is where we bet that Dragon’s score is higher than Tiger’s score. In which the Dragon side players are dealt a card. and have the opportunity to open the cards first Let’s know the score first. The bet payout ratio is 1:1.UFABET 

Stab on the side of the tiger.

Stab the tiger side or the blue side It is a guess. That the Tiger side will have more points than the Dragon side. Which players on the Tiger side will receive a card later. which makes me know the score later on the dragon side. The bet payout ratio is also 1:1.

Always bet (Tie)

This type of bet is that we choose to bet that Points for both sides are equal. In which the chance that both sides of the card will come out a tie is easier than other types of card games. Therefore making the bet payout ratio as high as 1: 8.