Barcelona rush to find a warm-up game before the end of this month.

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Barcelona are scrambling to find a warm-up club. Before Xavi Hernandez’s Azulgrana return to play football against Espanyol at the end of December.

Barcelona are scrambling for a rusty warm-up before Xavi Hernandez leads the Azulgrana back into action for Saturday’s derby against Espanyol on December 31. According to reports from ‘Diario As’ on Sunday. 

It was reported last week that Barcelona were in talks with Arsenal over a friendly at the Emirates Stadium ahead of the restart of club football. After the 2022 World Cup. The preseason game was not only for sporting reasons. But also for financial reasons. Because the Azul Grana team hopes to raise about 1.5 million euros. 

However, such an effort did not happen before Barcelona also tried to negotiate a warm-up with Juventus. But was also unsuccessful. Mainly due to the critical situation that happened to the zebra team. After the management slapped goodbye to a whole set of designs UFABET

According to reports, Barcelona are exploring alternatives. By trying to look for a club where they can play a warm-up game about a week before the game against Espanyol on Saturday, December 31. But at present there is no progress whatsoever.

At this point, it might be too early to say that Barcelona has become a full-fledged team that is about to enter an invincible state, but certainly the transformation from a team with problems on all fronts into a A team that is exciting and should be cheered at the back of the hand like this. Got to give more or less credit to Xavi.