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7 things you shouldn’t do after eating

Change your behavior after eating to stay healthy and avoid disease with the following 7 methods. 1. Don’t smoke.          From the results of the experts’ experiments, it was found that smoking after meals Comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes normally (increases the chance of getting cancer) If you smoke normally, you already have

5 types of vegetables to increase height Eat healthy food

Did you know that some vegetables can help increase your height? So, any ladies who want to enhance their personality to look good? Or want to increase your height in a simple way? We recommend that you try eating the following 5 types of vegetables that help increase your

7 behaviors of women that tend to wrinkle their skin

Girls, have you ever wondered if Young age, but why is the skin so wrinkle that it’s shocking? Today we will invite the girls. come to know the behavior that contributes to skin wrinkles It is also a behavior that is at risk of causing various diseases as well. Let’s see

Foods to cure “constipation” and ways to solve the problem

Constipation is a condition in which the body has abnormal bowel movements. Resulting in difficulty in defecating. Stool is large, hard, dry, and requires a lot of force to break. Therefore, people who suffer from constipation may have questions about what to eat if they are constipated to

Combining of washing hair every day 

Combining advantages and disadvantages of washing hair every day So how often do you have to wash your hair to be good? Regarding the matter of hair In addition to nourishing your hair to look beautiful and healthy, washing your hair can be a burdensome task for many

Cheat your age with 10 anti-aging foods, lock in clear skin,

Cheat your age with 10 anti-aging foods, lock in clear skin, and make your face not shabby. It is believed that having beautiful, radiant, youthful facial skin is skin that many people desire. In addition to applying lotions, creams, masks and serums, choosing to eat a

When you’re heartbroken or sad Why do many people want to get drunk?

When you’re heartbroken or sad. Why do many people want to get drunk? Have you ever wondered why when people close to you (Or even many of us sometimes) When we feel sad, stressed, depressed or, clearly, “heartbreak medicine,” many people crave the thing called “alcohol.” Alcohol

4 secrets what eat and not get fat, easily without overdoing

4 secrets what eat and not get fat, easily without overdoing . Have you ever? Want to lose weight but there’s only delicious food around? Plus, life’s activities are so overwhelming that there’s almost no time to relax. All of a sudden, I suddenly can’t put on my