When you’re heartbroken or sad Why do many people want to get drunk?

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When you’re heartbroken or sad. Why do many people want to get drunk?

Have you ever wondered why when people close to you (Or even many of us sometimes) When we feel sad, stressed, depressed or, clearly, “heartbreak medicine,” many people crave the thing called “alcohol.” Alcohol here is not alcohol for cleaning wounds. Fresh inside the heart But it is alcohol, the drink that you want to drink during drunken love. While it’s normal Many people have never even thought of trying it. So where does the feeling of wanting drunk. When you’re distressed come from? โปรโมชั่น ufabet will take you to find the answer.

Is it true that the urge get drunk is relate to sadness?

Is the urge to drink alcohol when heartbroken related to our sadness? First of all, I would like to invite everyone to try observing the different personalities of people. Who are drunk. You will find that symptoms of drunk people can be expressed in many heartbroken or sad different ways. There are those who get drunk and reveal their devilish form. Some of them were drunk. And went on a rampage causing trouble everywhere. Some people get drun go crazy. Some of them are drunks but don’t cause anyone any trouble. Flopped down on the table and fell asleep. And some of them drunk people who sit and cry. Don’t think of this as a joke. People can become like this when they lose consciousness because of alcohol.

It can seen that drunk personalities can divide into two main types: those. Who get drunk and act. For example, becoming a gangster, revealing your dark figure, or causing crazy things with other people and drunk people. There was a place. Where he was so dizzy that he went to see Indra. and being dizzy and hiding in a corner and sitting and crying Sitting and rambling, describing the suffering and sorrow in his heart.

The cerebrum is the part of the brain that is most sensitive to the effects of alcohol. This is because this part of the brain is responsible for regulating memory heartbroken or sad and emotional functions. Alcohol stimulates the body to produce increased amounts of serotonin and endorphins. To control emotions and feelings to relax and happy.

I’m often sad and want to get drunk often. Is there any effect?

We all know that drinking alcohol rarely does any good for the body. In addition to those diseases, I’ll ask about it. and the drunken state of not being fully 100% conscious that made it possible to get through difficult times The tendency to want to drink and get drunk is related to stress. For example, when we’re heartbroken, we can’t deny that we feel stressed. If we’re often sad and drink regularly, There is a chance that it will turn into alcoholism. Including depression and depression.

Nearly one in three people with depression have an alcohol problem. Often I feel depressed before. Research has shown that depressed children are more likely to turn to alcohol over the course of a few years, especially girls. They were twice as likely to start drinking heavily if they had a history of depression.

But drinking can make symptoms of depression worse. People who are depressed and drink too much experience more frequent and severe symptoms of depression than people who don’t drink. and are also more likely to think about suicide However, heartbroken or sad severe alcohol addiction may make the antidepressant medications prescribed by your doctor less effective.